Step One: Don’t Worry About Step Two

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This week I began a new journey following my passion for health and fitness; I am officially a Precision Nutrition (PN) Level 2 Coach candidate. The PN Level 2 (Pn2) Master Class is a comprehensive nutrition education, mentorship and internship program that will help me become a better, more effective coach.

pncertifiedcoachLast month I earned my Pn1 Certification by wrapping up the Level 1 course. Pn1 is a self-directed home study program that provided a great foundation in the science of nutritional coaching as well as the behavioral aspects of being a coach. It was like going back to school and taking an independent study class: assigned reading, videos to watch and online quizzes – taken at my own pace. Yes, I had a defined syllabus and PN’s trademark learning system to track my progress, but I set the schedule. When I passed my final exam on September 10, 2015 I looked back and saw that it had taken me a year (to the day) to complete my Pn1 Certification. In the intervening year, lots of ‘stuff’ happened and my progress ebbed and flowed with the realities of life; but I finished and within days of completing Pn1, I put my name on the pre-sale list to get into this Pn2 class.

Fast forward to this past Monday, October 10th and Day 1 of another yearlong educational program. What makes this one different is that I have a Coach/Mentor and am part of a cohort (group of people with a common goal) of more than 100 coaches from all around the world that I will interact with over the coming year as I grow to become a more effective coach. This is a program of DAILY activity and accountability; the Pn2 program is calibrated to last a year so there’s no ‘fast track’ nor is there room to fall behind.

This past year I’ve been immersed in the concept of Habit Based Coaching and it’s of the reasons I was drawn to PN in the first place. While many can follow a 30, 60, or 90-Day program and achieve results; longterm lifestyle changes elude them. The path to success starts by building positive habits. Two of  my favorite personal development books emphasize the importance of the simple tasks, repeated daily, that build the foundation for success. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy are, in my opinion, MUST read books for anyone, no matter what their goal is.

The cornerstone of building habits is the mastering the minutiae, it’s about learning and practicing those simple daily activities that will build over time and form your foundation for success and greatness. One step at a time.

It’s easy to stand at the base of the mountain, gaze up and see the peak through the clouds and want to be there…NOW. I see it all the time as a coach, people want to lose 30 pounds…this month, or they want to achieve that 6-pack, get a ripped, lean body…this month; they want the outcome…NOW, and they are impatient with the process to achieve the goal, they want the full road map…TODAY, thinking maybe they can accelerate or shortcut the process.

Habit 1: Find Time

Step One: Find Time. Put it on my calendar, dedicate time each day to work on my lessons and participate fully in the program. Initially I’ve set aside an hour each morning 0430-0530 to focus solely on my Pn2 program.

My goal is to become an Elite Nutrition Coach, and sure, I’d LOVE to be there TODAY, but I’m patient. I remind myself that it IS a process. I must walk before I run; I’ll work on one habit, learn it, understand it, master it then move on. I’ll trust in the process.

So what’s Step One?

Practically, it’s about Finding the Time. It’s learning to set aside a specific amount of time each day to complete my Pn2 work. Mastering the ability to manage my time for this program over the next year will be critical to my success and yet it has nothing to do with calories, macronutrients, meal timing, goal setting, periodized workout schedules, etc.

whaaatSeriously? Is that it!?
Absolutely! Remember, success comes from paying attention to the details and building a foundation. Small, simple actions, repeated daily. It’s how we build habits.

I will use this space to record my journey over the coming year. These posts will have a huge element of personal accountability for me as a student and Elite Coach ‘in the making‘, so whether you’re currently working with me as a client or you’re the casual reader, I invite you to follow along with me as I trek down this path.