Power Chisel

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Get ripped from head to toe with hardcore resistance training, isometric holds, and powerful plyometrics

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The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Deluxe DVD adds 4 advanced workouts to the an already well-rounded program. There are two new ‘Hammer’ workouts and two new ‘Chisel’ workouts. Power Chisel is a total body workout that is going to call upon many of the training concepts that you will have experienced on previous DVDs and roll them all into one program. Prepare yourself for 19 different exercises (rounds) in 30 minutes; you’ll be incorporating resistance training, isometric holds and plyometrics with medicine balls in a circuit training format for an added cardiovascular benefit. If you’re not sucking wind at the end of this workout, you just weren’t trying hard enough!

The rep counts and isometric hold periods are lower and shorter than what you’ve experienced in previous workouts, but the there are more sets…and they’re generally followed by a heavy ‘strength’ set where you’re lifting maximum weight. Safety should always be paramount, but use this opportunity to go as heavy as you can. Ideally you’ll want to follow the tempo and timing of Autumn and Sagi as they move from one exercise to the next, try to minimize additional rest periods to maximize the cardiovascular element of the program.

If you’ve already completed the full Master’s Hammer and Chisel program, or if you are integrating the Deluxe workouts in during the latter portion of your program, this one is going to mix things up for you and provide plateau busting variety. Have fun and get chiseled!

A variation of a simple squat jump, the Squat Ball Jump adds a medicine ball into equation. This round consists of 4 sets completed with no rest in between. Each set includes 4 jumps followed by a 4 second isometric hold. To begin, hold a medicine ball in front of your chest, drop down into squat position.

Explode up, keeping feet wide and the medicine ball centered on your chest, drop back down into a squat position and repeat for 4 jumps.  Contract your abdominals as you jump up and keep your shoulders back.

After the fourth jump, hold in the squat position for 4 seconds, sink low, feel the weight on your heels and prepare to repeat the sequence for a total of four sets.

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