Have Fun With Your Fitness

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Lake Hodges – Kayak-Attack

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our programs and our gym routines, sticking to the DVD schedule…you know how it goes right?… if it’s Thursday, it must be Yoga-X   😉  

While I absolutely love ALL my Beachbody Fitness Programs, I also like to get out and mix things up as well. I’ve always been an active cyclist, whether it be heading out for some fast club rides, cranking out Double Centuries or working my Pedicab Biz – I love being on the bike. I’m also an avid walker and love to hike, but my latest kick has been my Kayak – this is just the coolest thing and the upper body and core workout you get is absolutely phenomenal – not to mention its just plain FUN! Today I snuck out for a late afternoon paddle on Lake Hodges in Escondido, it was awesome!



What do you do to put the FUN in your Fitness Routine?