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Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Now

We’re not all lingerie and bikini supermodels. But who says we can’t learn their secrets to getting a firm, lifted butt? Leandro Carvalho, trainer to famous supermodels, combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and his own signature lower-body sculpting moves to help you make your booty your best feature.

Leandro’s proven TriAngle Training method works all three major muscles of the buttocks from multiple angles to lift your butt, reduce your hips and thighs, and tone those stubborn trouble zones.

Lift your butt with 6 hot workouts

  • BOOTY BASICS: Learn how to perform Leandro’s signature moves and get the most out of the program. (20 minutes)
  • BUM BUM: Fat-blasting cardio is combined with the best butt-sculpting moves you’ve ever tried. (35 minutes)
  • HIGH & TIGHT: Leandro’s secret weapons—the Booty Band and ankle weights—lift your butt to new heights! (35 minutes)
  • SCULPT: Leandro’s “no-bulk” training techniques tighten and tone your entire body from head to toe. (50 minutes)
  • CARDIO AXE: Feel like you’re dancing in the streets of Brazil with this fat-burning dance-based workout. (30 minutes)
  • TUMMY TUCK: This is Leandro’s surefire way to get flat, sexy abs in no time. (20 minutes)

And much MORE!

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Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Now
Look your bikini best in 30 days.

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series includes 3 advanced new workouts, plus the tools you need to sculpt lean, sexy muscle in just 30 days. With the Master Series, Leandro adds more tools, resistance, and angles to work multiple muscles at the same time and help you get your best overall bikini body ever.

Here’s what you get with the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Base Kit:

3 Advanced Workouts:

  • Bikini Body. Sculpt sexy muscles all over with hand weights and Leandro’s expert moves.
  • Higher & Tighter. Elevate your bum bum and trim your core with multiple cycles of advanced moves using the stability ball.
  • Ipanema Booty. Shape a firm, round booty using heavier ankle weights during intense sculpting on the stability ball.

Get tighter with 3 tools:

  • Stability Ball. Keeps you engaging your core with every move, for your ultimate bikini body.
  • Sculpting Guide. Follow Leandro’s fitness and nutrition plan to succeed.
  • Master Series 30-Day Calendar. Leandro shows you which workout to do each day, plus a hybrid option that includes the original Brazil Butt Lift DVDs.

Plus FREE Bonus Gifts:

  • Weekend in Brazil 3-Day Cleanse. Jump-start your results with Leandro’s special 3-day plan.
  • 24/7 Online Support.  Get support and keep track of your progress.
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Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Now

In addition to everything included in your Brazil Butt Lift program, you also get three extra workouts to focus on additional key areas of the body and take your results to the next level. Plus get Booty Booster Ankle Weights and two additional Booty Resistance Bands.

Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Upgrade Now

Take your results to the next level with this upgrade package. You’ll get three extra workouts plus more of Leandro’s secret weapons—a set of Booty Booster Ankle Weights and two additional levels of Strength Bands.

Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe DVDs Now

Get three more Brazil Butt Lift workouts to focus on additional key areas of the body and take your results to the next level. With trainer Leandro Carvalho.

Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Supreme Now

Save 30% compared to buying separately!

Serious about getting a super-tight, sexy butt? Brazil Butt Lift Supreme is your BEST VALUE. Get everything in the Brazil Butt Lift Base AND Deluxe kits, PLUS all the gear you need for the perfect butt.

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Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Plus Now

Get the advanced tools Leandro recommends with the Brazil Butt Lift® Master Series Plus Kit. It includes all the great workouts and tools in the Base Kit, plus 5-lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights to help work your way up to greater strength and resistance. And, to help you burn even more fat, you’ll also receive our proven, all-natural Slimming Formula.

Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Elite Now

It’s all here in our VERY BEST VALUE—the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Elite Kit! It includes all the fabulous workouts and gear in the Brazil Butt Lift Plus Kit, plus our very best: a Yoga Mat to help cushionyour knees and ankles, plus a Foam Roller,specially designed to help your muscles release after a workout, along with a Foam Roller Recovery Guide that helps unwind your hard-working muscles.

Put it all together, and you have EVERY tool you need to get your sexiest bikini-rocking body in just 30 days.

Purchase Brazil Butt Lift Masters Series Cardio Carnivale Now

Get sexy curves with this fun, fast-paced dance workout that tones you head to toe!

This high-energy dance party takes just 28 minutes to get your abs, arms, legs, and whole body toned and bikini-ready. Have fun shaking and shimmying to Brazilian steps that raise your heart rate, burn fat, increase lung capacity, and strengthen your heart. After all, there’s nothing sexier than looking—and feeling—your absolute best.

As Leandro says, “Don’t settle for less.”