Tony Horton

Tony Horton: P90, P90X, P90X+, P90X2, P90X3, Power Half Hour, One-on-One with Tony Horton Vols 1-3, 10 Minute Trainer, Tony and the Kids, Tony and the Folks, Ho Ala ke Kino


Meet Tony Horton, the master behind the best selling fitness program in America P90X®.  Tony helps people get fit all over the world by keeping them motivated in health, physique, and lifestyle.  Over the last 20 years Tony has acquired, perfected, and shared his fitness expertise with countless individuals across America. From professional athletes, sports teams, television and major movie stars, recording artists to the average American, Tony has helped people turn their lives around with the perfect mix of encouragement, humor, discipline and fun.

His expertise includes post-rehabilitation training, advanced stretching, yoga, weight/resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, boxing and kickboxing, plus circuit, cross and interval training.  Aside from his powerful programs with Beachbody and operating ASH Fitness, a state-of-the-art training facility in Santa Monica, California, Tony hosts a minimum of three fitness camps per year where he personally helps scores of people meet their goals.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))


S.S. Beachbody Cruise, March 2014 – Cozumel & Grand Caymans

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Tony at several Beachbody events such as our Annual Coach Summit, the 2014 Beachbody Cruise and events at Corporate. The great thing about that is the opportunity to participate in Live workouts with him and to experience his energy in person.


2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention, Los Angeles CA

And yes, I even made it in a DVD workout during the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention (not on the stage, but in the crowd doing the workout!) He was presenting his academic session on Speed, Balance and Range of Motion; which was preceded by a 90 minute workout that just so happened to be a sneak preview of P90X3 which would be released the following January.

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Shaun T.

Shaun T. INSANITY, INSANITY The Asylum Vol 1 & 2, INSANITY MAX:30, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body, Focus T25, Shaun T. Fit Kids Club, Get Real with Shaun T., Shaun T.’s Dance Party


Born Shaun Thompson, Shaun T grew up in New Jersey, receiving a BS in Sports Science with a minor in Theater and Dance. After graduating, Shaun put his fitness and personal training skills to work in corporate America helping people improve their lives through fitness. His passion for dance naturally drew him to the entertainment industry where he built an impressive list of accomplishments on stage, screen and television. Shaun has appeared on Six Feet Under, The Tonight Show with Jay Len, The Dr. Oz Show and Beauty Shop in addition to working with Radio Shack, Aaron and Nick Carter, the LA Lakers, Mariah Carey and others.

Shaun’s relationship with Beachbody began in 2007 with the release of Hip Hop Abs which swept the nation by helping people shed fat and build strong abs through fun and encouraging dance routines. Recognizing the need to fight childhood obesity by helping kids and preteens get into shape. He created two new workouts, Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club (for ages 7+) and Get Real with Shaun T. (for preteens). Still focused on dance based programs, he then released Rockin’ Body which was packed with new moves and more calorie-burning workouts choreographed to popular music.

Perhaps Shaun’s biggest fitness accomplishment though came in 2009 when INSANITY debuted and forever changed the face of home fitness through 60 days of Shaun’s proprietary Max Interval Training. His follow-on programs INSANITY: The Asylum Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 focused on specific sports training while Focus T25 proved people didn’t need to spend hours in the gym, that only 25 minutes a day would make a positive change regardless of fitness level or experience. Staying on the cutting edge in fitness, the debut of INSANITY MAX:30 redefined what the human body can accomplish in 30 minutes, focused on pushing yourself just a little further than the day before.(( Retrieved 1/25,2015))

With Shaun T. at S.S. Beachbody 2014 Success Club Cruise, Cozumel & Grand Caymans

S.S. Beachbody 2014 Success Club Cruise, Cozumel & Grand Caymans

One of the great things about being a Team Beachbody Coach is participating in Beachbody Events and having the opportunity to meet and workout with the celebrity Trainers. Shaun is a dynamic personality, his caring and passion for people comes through loud and clear in all that he does. I’ve had a couple opportunities to participate in LIVE workouts with Shaun T. at our Annual Coach Summit and on the 2014 Beachbody Cruise, his support of Coaches is simply AMAZEBALLS!

Today, Shaun is doing what he loves best—developing, traveling, and helping people attain their goals through physical and mental challenges.

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Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson: Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, PiYo, Chalene Extreme

Motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling author, and fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson is the #1 female in direct marketing.  The first female to host two #1 infomercials, Chalene has sold over 10 million DVDs.  The former CEO of Powder Blue Productions and Turbo Wear, she has built and sold several multimillion-dollar fitness and lifestyle companies. Chalene is the CEO of business and lifestyle coaching company Team Johnson where she has taught her personal and business development systems to hundreds of thousands of people.

Chalene’s best selling home fitness programs Turbo Fire™, ChaLEAN Extreme™, and Turbo Jam™ have sold over 10 million copies.  While filming these and many other fitness videos, Chalene was proclaimed the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most fitness videos.  In addition, her live fitness classes – Turbo Kick™, Hip Hop Hustle™, and PiYo™ – are featured in thousands of top health clubs across the globe including industry giants 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and YMCA’s.

A best-selling author, Chalene combined her passion for helping others live fuller, more balanced lives, with her passion for fitness in her New York Times Best-Seller Push: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life You Deserve.  In Push, Chalene shares her secrets for success in living according to your priorities, selecting and achieving fulfilling personal and fitness goals, bringing happiness and balance to your life, and creating the life you truly want and deserve.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))

2013 Beachbody Coach Summit Super Workout

2013 Beachbody Coach Summit Super Workout

I’ve been fortunate to meet Chalene a few times at our Annual Coach Summit. In 2013 we caught a quick photo op with her as she was heading to the stage to lead her portion of the Saturday Morning Super Workout.

2014 Beachbody Coach Summit

2014 Beachbody Coach Summit

And again in 2014, with the release of the new PiYo program. It was particularly cool at the 2014 Summit since the day before I completed my PiYo Instructor Certification class and Chalene had stopped by to teach one of our blocks of instruction!

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Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese: 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme

The brain and beauty behind Beach Body’s newest fitness program 21 Day Fix Extreme(™).   Autumn is a celebrity fitness trainer and national-level bikini competitor. A rising star in the fitness community, she’s made a name for herself by helping people lose weight and get fit through simple portion control and consistent exercise.  

Autumn holds personal training certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). Her supportive, motivating style has made her a highly sought-after expert among celebrities and the fitness industry.

Building on a foundation of good food choices and exercise habits, Autumn empowers her clients to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. In addition to her celebrity clientele, Autumn is the fitness specialist for Her workouts have been featured in C magazine, LA Parent, The Palisadian-Post, and Daily Candy, and on TV shows like Home & Family. With a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit, Autumn is the perfect addition to the Beachbody family of trainers (( Retrieved1/25/2015))

Autumn Calabrese

“SoCal Gets Fit” Beachbody Super Saturday Event 2014

As the newest member of the Beachbody Celebrity training team, Autumn is definitely going to be the star to watch: the 21 Day Fix sold out in only 3 Days! She was the guest trainer at a special “SoCal Gets Fit” Event in 2014 where she led all attendees in an awesome 21 Day Fix workout, LOL we should have had our photo opportunities BEFORE the workout!


Autumn Calabrese Fitness Programs
Sagi Kalev
Sagi Kalev: Body Beast

Sagi Kalev, creator of BODY BEAST™, has been a bodybuilder since the age of 16. He credits a four-year tour of duty in the Israeli army with teaching him the discipline, focus, determination, and respect he brings to his bodybuilding training.

Drawing on his education (a degree in physical education from the University of Central Florida with a minor in nutrition), Sagi has written a nutrition plan specifically for the Body Beast workout. And his many years of experience in training bodybuilding competitors serve as the foundation for the program itself.

After graduating from college, Sagi pursued a fitness modeling and acting career. He has competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and has won two “Mr. Israel” titles along with a number of others. He’s also appeared on the cover of Men’s Workout, Iron Man, and Muscle & Fitness magazines, and several other publications.

After many years of modeling and entering shows, in 2003 Sagi decided to change his focus to personal training and working with people of all age levels, to help them get healthy and in excellent physical condition.

In developing the BODY BEAST program, Sagi Kalev maintains the same philosophy he’s carried through his fitness career: To not just be the biggest, but to be the best at what he does.

With BODY BEAST, it’s about technique and building a strong foundation—not just lifting the heaviest weights you can. It’s about changing how you feel about yourself by improving your self image. Let Sagi Kalev show you the way.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))

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Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, the original Les Mills was one of the country’s greatest track-and-field competitors. In the 1960s and ’70s, he competed in shot put and discus at four Olympic Games, and in 1968 he and his wife, Colleen, opened their first health club in Auckland – so small that men and women had to work out on different days of the week.

Les and Colleen’s son, Phillip Mills, took over the family gym business in the 1980s and returned to Auckland from UCLA , where he had a track-and-field scholarship. Phillip had witnessed the aerobics phenomenon in the United States firsthand, and together with his wife, Jackie – a medical doctor and former gymnast – began developing a unique range of athletic fitness programs including high-energy aerobics classes, circuit classes mixing weights and aerobics, and strength classes.

Soon, Les Mills became synonymous with “fitness magic” and began transforming lives all over the world through it’s powerful, exciting, motivating group classes driven by chart-topping music, cutting-edge choreography, and inspirational and highly trained instructors. Today they are delivering ultimate results to millions of participants in gyms and fitness clubs around the globe.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))

From BODYPUMP® , the original barbell class, Beachbody brings you LES MILLS PUMP. Inspired by the world’s most popular Mixed Martial Arts-inspired workout BODYCOMBAT® Beachbody gives you LES MILLS COMBAT.

Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham

Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham: Les Mills Combat

Meet the Trainers

Ready to fight for the best body of your life? Then get ready to train with the experts. Master Trainers Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham.

Dan Cohen is a former British Master Kickboxing Champion and runner-up for the World Kickboxing Championship.

  • Trains in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Born in London, England
  • BODYPUMP® kicks his butt! And it totally works! You shape, you tone, you lose fat – it’s pretty perfect.
  • Best fitness tip – Don’t quit!

Rach Newsham is a graduate of the world-renowned WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp in Thailand.

  • Trains in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Born in Preston, England
  • Loved doing it as a class participant and wanted to share it with my friends who knew nothing about it.
  • Best fitness tip – Fall in love with fitness/working out and the rest comes naturally.

For the past 14 years, they’ve taught and inspired thousands around the world with their passion, intensity, and enthusiasm. They’ll push you to get results you never dreamed possible.

Sheldon McBee and Susan Renata

Sheldon McBee and Susan Renata: Les Mills Pump

Sheldon McBee

  • Trains in Universal Athletic Club, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Born in South Orange, New Jersey.
  • Always dreamed of becoming a Les Mills National trainer and knew BODYPUMP® was the way to go.
  • Best fitness tip – Choose a path that’s achievable so you’re satisfied spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Susan Renata

  • Trains in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Born in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Used to watch the BODYPUMP® class that was on before her step class. She was fascinated by so many people (especially females) doing weights and having fun.
  • Best fitness tip – Moderation. Too much of anything is unhealthy. Try everything!((
Les Mills Fitness Programs
Debbie Siebers

Debbie Siebers: Slim in 6, Slim Series Express, Total Body Solution

When leading wellness expert Debbie Siebers first entered the fitness industry, she never imagined that one day her life’s work and passion would instill positive changes in hundreds of thousands of lives. Debbie shares her own drive for self-improvement and holistic health to help others motivate, find discipline and ultimately achieve results to balance mind, body and spirit through her proven steps to healthy living.

Now 20 plus years later since she embarked on her fitness career, Debbie’s fitness program, “Slim in 6”, through Beachbody has grossed over $200 million dollars worldwide in home video sales and Debbie’s appeal is only growing. Currently, her sixth infomercial is airing and is now the #2 fitness program in the UK!. “Siebers Style”, her personal brand, become synonymous with not only the best in fitness guidance but also an entire philosophy of healthy living.

Due to its overwhelming popularity, “Slim in 6” extended into the “Slim Series”and “Slim Series Express”, a sequence of workouts with specific fitness objectives that combine cardiovascular exercise with resistance training techniques designed to create a lean, defined body. She also developed “Total Body Solution” which launched on Beachbody’s website and addresses people’s limitations, whether it be with their lower back, shoulders, knee, neck or core. The programs include easy-to-follow drills that will help increase mobility, muscular endurance and improve joint health. Debbie is now on a mission to help people achieve pain free lives.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))

2013 Beachbody Coach Summit Super Workout

2013 Beachbody Coach Summit Super Workout

I had the opportunity to meet Debbie at the 2013 Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas, she and her crew were warming up for their portion of the Super Workout (over 7,000 coaches working out in the backlot of the MGM Grand Hotel at 6:00 a.m.!) In the brief conversation we had, I was overwhelmed by her genuineness, it was really a pleasure to meet her.


Debbie Siebers Fitness Programs
Dr. Mark Cheng

Dr. Mark Cheng: Tai Cheng

Dr. Mark Cheng, creator of Tai Cheng, is a martial arts master trainer with 3 decades of experience in Tai Chi. He is a specialist in Chinese medicine with a thriving practice in Santa Monica, California, focusing on pain management and musculoskeletal disorders. Through his training with Gray Cook, founder of Functional Movement Systems and a world-class physical therapist, Dr. Cheng learned to identify the root cause of acute and chronic pain by observing his patients’ movement patterns, and treating them with specialized treatments such as Tui-Na manual therapy, corrective exercises, and acupuncture.

Today, his patients include PGA® golfers, pro football players, and MMA fighters, as well as celebrities and entertainment personalities. In addition, Dr. Cheng is the director of the Chung-Hua Institute of Chinese Orthopedic Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist. Now, through Tai Cheng, he is enthusiastic about helping a wider range of people move better, look better, and feel better, to extend their enjoyment of whatever they love to do.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))

Dr. Mark Cheng Fitness Programs
Brett Hoebel: Rev Abs

Brett Hoebel: Rev Abs

Known as “El Capitan” and “The Dues Collector,” Brett is a sought-after fitness, strength, and nutrition expert in both New York and Los Angeles, with a background in biomedical science and the Afro-Brazilian martial art known as capoeira. In the fitness industry for over 15 years, Brett has helped shape up some of Hollywood’s finest physiques and traveled the globe presenting his programs. He was the cohost of Fit Family on Discovery’s FitTV, and has appeared on The View,Good Morning America, Fox News, and the WB Morning Show. Brett is also a recurring fitness expert for many top-tier magazines including Vogue, Allure, Elle, Shape and Self, while his signature exercise programs have twice earned “Best of New York” awards from New York Magazine.((ibid.))


Brett Hoebel Fitness Programs
Leandro Carvalho

Leandro Carvalho: Brazil Butt Lift, Brazil Butt Lift Masters Series

Lingerie models and supermodels seek out “Brazilian Butt Master” Leandro Carvalho to get their rears into runway shape. He created Brazil Butt Lift® to show you how to take your booty from saggy to sexy—fast. Whether your butt is too big, too flat, or even pear-shaped, you’ll follow a customized plan to reduce, shape, and lift your behind for a rear view you’ve only dreamed about. Unlike traditional butt exercises or machines, Leandro’s proven TriAngle Training method works your butt from multiple angles. Enjoy sizzling Brazilian dance, heart-pumping cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting moves that reduce your hips, slim your thighs, and help you shape the best butt of your life. You even get TriAngle Training workout cards, a fat-burning food guide, a booty resistance band, and a 6-day supermodel slimdown plan to boost your results. You have no excuse not to work your butt off.((ibid.))

Leandro Carvalho Fitness Programs
Gillian Marloth Clark & Teigh McDonough: Yoga Booty Ballet Classic, Yoga Booty Ballet Masters Series, Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way, Classic Goddess, Pure and Simple Yoga, Meditation

Gillian Marloth Clark & Teigh McDonough: Yoga Booty Ballet Classic, Yoga Booty Ballet Masters Series, Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way, Classic Goddess, Pure and Simple Yoga, Meditation

For more than a decade, Gillian Marloth Clark has dedicated herself to helping others achieve physical wellness through movement by focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. Clark was a favorite instructor at Crunch gyms in New York and Los Angeles, as well as New York Sports Clubs, Tribeca Workout, Barry’s Bootcamp, Total Fitness, and more. She now owns Swerve, a movement studio in Los Angeles, with business partner and dear friend, Teigh McDonough. Gillian just released her brand-new Pure & Simple Yoga workout.

Teigh McDonough has a passion for the art of movement. For more than 15 years she has studied everything from jazz, funk, hip-hop, ballet and modern dance to kundalini, hatha, and power yoga and has worked as a professional dancer, choreographer, fitness instructor, and personal trainer both in Chicago and California. Bringing this passion, her dance expertise, and charismatic teaching style to the classroom, she helps students transform themselves, “freeing the funky ballerina within” through the joy and expression of movement. McDonough created Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way, a workout for mothers-to-be and their Yoga Booty babies.((ibid.))

Gillian and Teigh Fitness Programs
Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith: Kathy Smiths Project YOU! Type 2

Kathy Smith has stood at the forefront of the fitness and health industries for more than 30 years. With a collection of books, videos, audios and DVDs on walking, strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance, aerobics and nutrition, Smith has sold $500 million in lifestyle products and fitness equipment and is a member of the Video Hall of Fame. Smith recently launched Ageless with Kathy Smith, a new age-fighting DVD workout line with award-winning producer Acacia that includes Staying Strong and Total Body Turnaround, and partnered with industry leader Stamina to develop a line of kettlebells for women called The Kettlebell Solution.

In addition to her DVD library, Smith is an accomplished author, with bestselling titles including The Feed Muscle Shrink Fat Diet and Moving Through Menopause. She has contributed her expertise on health and wellness to countless media outlets, including Oprah, The Today Show, USA Today, Larry King Live, The View, The Los Angeles Times, and many more.

Smith has partnered with Natural Factors, a leader in nutritional management, in an effort to educate on the importance of healthy eating and sensible exercise. As spokesperson for the Natural Factors supplement PGX, Smith appears in a national TV advertising campaign, and lends her image to product packaging sold throughout North America. This collaboration’s latest effort is a book and DVD package called FastFit, to be released later this year.

Ageless Energy, Smith’s latest TV special, continues to air nationally on PBS. With her “Four Pillars of Fitness Success at Any Age,” she inspires viewers to shift their perspectives on fitness with a series of tools for boosting energy, stamina, strength and vitality.

As a sought-out educational and motivational speaker, Smith has appeared at events for the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and is currently touring nationally with her presentation “The Stress Solution: Train Your Body, Train Your Brain.” She recently gave the keynote address at Edward Jones’ annual Managing Partners Conference in Phoenix, and has been invited by the company to present at additional future events, including an upcoming appearance in St. Louis. A devoted advocate for breast cancer awareness, Smith was honored to participate in the 2013 Susan G. Komen Rally For the Cure at the Broadmoor Hotel & Resort, where she also contributed her tennis talents in the mixed doubles rally.

The Los Angeles County Commission for Women named Smith “Woman of the Year” in 2011 for her work educating communities. Other recent accolades include the “Lifetime Achievement” award from IDEA (the world’s largest organization of fitness professionals), and the “Alumni Hall of Honor” award from her alma mater, the University of Hawaii’s Shidler School of Business.

Smith continues to devote her time to a variety of health-related causes: She teamed up with Dr. Fran Kaufman – a world authority on diabetes and former President of the American Diabetes Association – and leading Harvard nutritionist Kathy McManus, to develop the groundbreaking Project You Type 2, an all-inclusive eating, exercise and lifestyle program to manage or prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Smith also served as spokesperson for the International Council on Active Aging, which unifies organizations dedicated to “changing the way we age” through education, facilities, programs and guidance. And she is a member of the Founders Circle of the Women’s Sports Foundation, the nonprofit founded by Billie Jean King to empower girls and women through sports and physical activity.

With a mission to “inspire the best in all people,” Kathy is the mother of two daughters and currently resides in Park City, Utah.(( Retrieved 1/25/2015))

Kathy Smith Fitness Programs