21 Day Fix EXTREME Is Now Available!

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“21 Day Fix Extreme is Extreme Fitness, Simple Nutrition, Extreme Results. It’s going to make you look, and feel, AMAZING! The workouts are more intense, they’re still 30 minutes. You still get the variety of 7 different workouts throughout your week to keep your body guessing so you see the maximum results. This is all about getting SHREDDED!”

Autumn Calabrese
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21 Day Fix Extreme Essential Kit


Need to get seriously shredded in the shortest time possible? See how simple portion control, clean eating, and extreme 30-minute workouts will help you get the hardbody you’ve always wanted.

FREE SHIPPING.  Limited time only!

Exclusive Offer! Get the FREE bonus workout DVD—The Fix Challenge—(a $19.95 value) when you order 21 Day Fix EXTREME through Your Coach (me!)

Extreme Fitness. Simple Eating. Serious Results.

When you absolutely, positively need to get lean and defined in the shortest time possible…21 Day Fix EXTREME is the way to do it.

Give it all the guts, intensity, and drive you’ve got for 21 days—and you WILL get that hardbody you’ve always wanted.

The workouts are short, but they’re extreme.  The eating plan is simple, but there’s no room for treats or cheating.  It’s a serious 21 days.  But stick with it, and you’ll walk away with serious results.

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21 Day Fix EXTREME Ultimate Upgrade Package


Accelerate your fat loss and get shredded beyond belief! These 2 next-level routines are the most serious way to work out. Plus you get fat-burning, muscle-shredding tools designed to deliver jaw-dropping results.


Power Strength Extreme

Nine total-body exercises that use functional movement patterns to increase your strength, endurance, and power.

ABC Extreme

Push your Abs, Butt, and Cardio to the extreme—and carve a competition-level body that’s ready for the big stage!

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