15 Minute Glute Chisel

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Quickly sculpt a round, firm backside with intense strength and power exercises, for a lower body that makes jaws drop

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Split Squat on Med Ball

Split Squat on Med Ball

Do you want to BLAST your glutes? All you need is 15 minutes, a medicine ball and this workout! The format is simple: 25 repetitions of each move; single leg moves will have 25 reps on each leg. Not only are you going to hit all three of the primary gluteal muscles (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus) with these moves, you’re working on balance, leg strength and core stability. This will feel like a total body workout when you’re done! As a bonus, if you keep pace with Autumn and the cast, you’ll also get a great cardiovascular workout with moves like the Sumo Jacks and Jumping Curtsy Lunges. Don’t let the short duration of this workout fool you, if you stay on tempo and focus on your form as you execute each move, you’ll get a great overall workout.

I have to tell you that I really like Sumo Jacks, they are seriously a great total body exercise to get started with. The images below illustrate 3 positions during the movement. Start with with your feet wider than shoulder width with toes pointing outward. Hold the medicine ball in your hands so it hangs naturally in front of you. Drop down into a sumo squat, the ball goes straight down and may come close to touching the ground depending on how low you squat. Explode up into a jumping jack bringing your feet together as you curl the med ball up to your chest. Immediately jack your feet out to go directly into the sumo squat and repeat for 25 reps.

Keep your back straight and chest up as you drop into the squat and pin your elbows to your sides as you curl the med ball up. Tempo should be quick, meaning you take one count to drop into the squat, you explode up in the jack/curl combo and immediately jack out while dropping back into the squat. Your body is in continuous movement and there are no rests at the top or bottom of the move.

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